Logo of Olympiad


Let us introduce XIX IAO logo. First of all, we would like to show here – a mountain argali. Argali Marco Polo occupies a special place among all beautiful animals, dwelling in Kyrgyzstan. This unique animal is recorded in the Red Book of Kyrgyzstan.  Besides, this animal found in epic “Manas” – the biggest epos all around the world, national property of Kyrgyz people.

Also in our logo you can see Aries constellation. The Sumerians called it "Constellation of Sheep."

On the background of logo you can catch interesting patterns. These Kyrgyz ornaments represents the culture of our country, shows Kyrgyz world from inside. It can be called the first script of Kyrgyz nation. This legacy includes a centuries-old information about our ancestors. Ornament in Kyrgyz sounds like "Oyu", and means "to deepen", "cut out". During a time, the tradition of making patterns ”Oyu” developed into a technique carving patterns on felt for rugs – “Shirdak”.